You’ve read all the books. You’ve asked all your mommy groups and you’ve quizzed Dr. Garritano and Christina during your appointments. You feel very confident that you know what’s going to happen during labor and delivery.

Sometimes, however, the questions you’ve asked may not cover all the situations that can arise during this exciting time. Here, Dr. Garritano lets you in on a few things you may not have asked about, but are helpful to understand.

You could throw up
Nausea and vomiting are often signs that your labor is progressing. Sometimes, pain relief such as an epidural can make you nauseous. Certain foods you may have eaten earlier can make you sick to your stomach. To ease nausea during labor:

  • As you start to labor, keep your diet to bland foods like fresh fruit, multigrain crackers, clear soups and yogurt.
  • During labor, stay hydrated by chewing ice chips
  • Smelling essential oils lavender, peppermint and lemon during labor can help fight vomiting
  • Ask your partner to apply a cool cloth to your neck or forehead.

You could shake
Shaking during labor – with shivering, trembling and actual teeth-chattering is also a sign of healthy labor progression, especially during transition. Your body is pumping out massive amounts of adrenaline, cortisol, epinephrine and other natural chemicals while your hormones are dramatically shifting. That’s a lot for your muscles to handle and they react as if your body is in shock. Relieve shaking by wrapping in warm blankets.

You could poop the bed
Most women have a bowel movement during labor and that’s really good. Pooping during labor means you’re engaging the correct muscles to push. Don’t be embarrassed. Pooping during labor is natural and healthy.

You could swear – a lot
Even if you never use blue language, you may find yourself doing so during labor. Delivering a baby has been compared to running a marathon, and many studies suggest it’s even more difficult than running that 26.2. Your body is going through intense physical and chemical changes in a very short period of time. It’s no wonder that the physical and mental exertion causes some pretty dramatic responses.

If at any time you feel scared, in pain or feel like you just need help, Dr. Garritano and your professional health care support will be there to answer your questions, explain how your body is reacting, listen thoroughly to your concerns and react to your pain levels.

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