Latesha J.
Submitted 06/10/22
Dr.Garritano is the best!!!

Chelsea H.
Submitted 06/07/22
Dr. Garritano is the best of the best – kind, compassionate, warm, funny, and a brilliant doctor.

Charlotte P.
Submitted 06/07/22
Wonderful appointment; informational, friendly, and inviting.

Bhakti B.
Submitted 06/02/22
Dr Garritano is the best doctor any woman can wish for !

Elizabeth C.
Submitted 05/26/22
The Dr took the time to chat about all of my questions and answered them in depth and with care and expertise.

Deborah S.
Submitted 05/17/22
Dr. Garritano is so so great. Good at listening and so friendly, always makes me feel comfortable. I drive out of state and have paid out of pocket just to continue my care under her throughout the years, as my insurance has varied.

Erica A.
Submitted 04/29/22
I always feel that Dr. Garritano is advocating for me and my health and for women in general. She is warm and understanding. She’s familiar with the latest research. Her staff is amazing, too. I feel well taken care of.

Claudia R.
Submitted 04/26/22
As uncomfortable as going to the ob/gyn is, Dr. Garritano is excellent. Makes you feel comfortable and listens to all of your concerns.

Kira D.
Submitted 04/26/22
Wonderful, thank you so much. Appreciate the quality care.

Francine P.
Submitted 04/08/22
Dr. Garritano is friendly, compassionate professional and knowledgeable. She answers all your questions and alleviates your concerns.

Winsome B.
Submitted 04/06/22
Great conversations with doctor: recommendations / concerns; however hard to get appointments within reasonable time for me.

Rose C.
Submitted 03/22/22
Staff are caring and wonderful

Javon N.
Submitted 02/21/22
She’s honest. No sugar coating. And, she genuinely cares about her patients. Hands down the best doctor I have ever had.

Catherine M.
Submitted 02/18/22
Best Doctor ever!

Melissa C.
Submitted 02/15/22
Dr Garritano and has a great bedside manner and will stay and answer all your questions. Would recommend to anyone looking for a new Dr.

Amanda M.
Submitted 02/15/22
The best obgyn in the world. I look forward to my visit with her every year

Monique H.
Submitted 02/14/22
Excellent Doctore

Molly J.
Submitted 02/08/22
Goes above and beyond just medical consultation

Margo B.
Submitted 02/08/22
A breath of fresh air. The stress that can come from a doctors appointment is taken away. Informative, educational, thorough, and caring.

Tami G.
Submitted 01/31/22
The best, as usual.

Michele K.
Submitted 01/31/22
Dr Garritano is Warm, caring, and a thoughtful listener.

Diane T.
Submitted 01/31/22
Simply amazing. Dr. G is an AWESOME doctor and cares for her patients wholeheartedly!!

Renee S.
Submitted 01/25/22
Dr. Garritano is a phenomenal doctor! She’s thorough and always kind. I absolutely LOVE her!

Kristi T.
Submitted 01/25/22
Dr. Garritano was amazing at helping calm my worries throughout my second pregnancy, and spending extra time with me to answer all my questions. And she kept her cool in the operating room during my c section when the cord was wrapped around my baby’s neck 3 times. I was not nervous at all because she was in complete control, talking me through everything and making sure I got to hear and see the baby right away. And she was very attentive to my care afterwards. One of the hospital doctors tried to tell me to go home early because of the rise in covid cases in the hospital and I didn’t feel ready. Dr. Garritano was already concerned about my blood levels and made sure I got proper medication and care before being discharged. She’s the best!

Viviana A.
Submitted 01/24/22
Love this practice! Everyone is very nice and I absolutely love Dr. Garritano. She is the best!

Emily M.
Submitted 01/12/22
Dr. G is the best. I recommend her to everyone. She cares deeply about her patients and is so knowledgeable. Thank you.

Amy T.
Submitted 12/21/21
Excellent care from start to finish.

Tahnisha R.
Submitted 12/14/21
I always enjoy my visits with Dr. Garritano even the tele visits. The follow up and health planning are greatly appreciated.

Ann Marie M.
Submitted 12/07/21
Dr Garritano is engaging and informative. Love my visit and didn’t want it to end.

Amy M.
Submitted 11/24/21
The entire office is really nice people

Grace M.
Submitted 11/12/21
I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Garritano and her staff. Dr. Garritano is kind and always takes her time to listen to you. Her staff is always welcoming and friendly.

Falan O.
Submitted 11/09/21
Always a great experience!

Lorena M.
Submitted 11/04/21
Dr. Garritano is one of the best doctors I have ever had. She is compassionate, kind, and a good listener.

Kristin M.
Submitted 11/04/21
It’s always a pleasure to see Dr.Garritano. She is so knowledgeable with a bubbly personality to make you feel comfortable. She has been my gynecologist since 16, delivered my siblings and my daughter. She is an amazing doctor! Would recommend her in a heartbeat!

Sabrina S.
Submitted 10/08/21
Great! She went over things and took the time to explain everything.

Chelsey G.
Submitted 10/05/21
I have been with Dr. Garritano for 11 years for a reason and I’m so grateful that she’s now my OB during my first pregnancy! I don’t trust anyone more.

Sandy A.
Submitted 09/28/21
Dr. Garritano is a rare find. She is truly passionate about medicine, and cares deeply about her patients. She spends time listening to patients, and trying to address their concerns, attempting to get to the root of any problem. I am extremely grateful to have found her!

Lisa J.
Submitted 09/24/21
Felt cared for on many levels

Alicia B.
Submitted 09/23/21
I absolutely LOVE Dr. Garritano! Not only is she knowledgeable and thorough, but she has the most amazing personality. Her staff is always friendly and welcoming. I have been going to her for years and I HIGHLY recommend!

Waheena K.
Submitted 09/10/21
Amazing doctor, very caring and makes you feel very comfortable.

Jennie A.
Submitted 09/02/21
Best MD ever! She saved my life and my pregnancy under her care was immaculate. Profesional and efficient

Anabel K.
Submitted 08/31/21
Dr. Otuyelu- Garritano She’s very professional and excellent Dr.

Amreen B.
Submitted 08/12/21
Awesome!!! She is fabulous doctor.

Peta Gay C.
Submitted 08/09/21
Awsome and informative

Natacha F.
Submitted 07/22/21
Had the best experience meeting Dr. Garritano and her team. Looking forward to a long term doctor-patient relationship.

Elyssia P.
Submitted 06/30/21
What a refreshing change to finally find a Dr. that will take time to listen to you and not treat you in 5 minutes and then move on to the next patient! It may take a while to get in to see her, but she’s worth the wait!

Shirley G.
Submitted 06/10/21
Staff is friendly Dr. is the best

Michelle D.
Submitted 05/25/21
She’s a lovely, thoughtful, and knowledgeable doctor.

Annalisa M.
Submitted 05/03/21
By far, THE BEST doctor I have ever met. She takes her time, goes above and beyond and truly cares!

Suzette T.
Submitted 04/08/21
My experience was great!! Dr. Kikelomo Otuyelu-Garritano, MDOB-GYN located in Wilton, CT & her amazing staff care for their patients & did I say care is just out of the ordinary. I highly recommend you become apart of this wellness center because their name says it all. The experience will keep you loyal. Thank you so much Dr.Kikelomo Otuyelu-Garritano, my MDOB-GYN

Shonda B.
Submitted 03/26/21
My experience was great from the moment I stepped foot into the building. Staff was very pleasant and professional. Dr Garritano was very thorough. I received more clarity on my 1st visit with her than I have received in the past 6yrs. I’m very confident that we are on a good path to correcting and healing my ailments.

Nino B.
Submitted 03/23/21
Great medical office, wonderful and warm experience from start to finish. Dr. Garritano is very carrying!

Elizabeth L.
Submitted 03/08/21
Dr. Garritano is a great doctor. You actually feel like she truly cares about you and she takes the time to talk to you and address your concerns without rushing you out the door (like so many other doctors do). The staff and secretaries are also very kind and helpful. I highly recommend!

Jaclyn S.
Submitted 03/02/21
A beautifully kind doctor who cares enough to stop and ask questions about you, your understanding of your health to be sure you are happy! Not another number here.

Jody D.
Submitted 03/02/21
Dr. Garritano and her staff are the absolute best. They are patient, kind and determined to provide answers and resources to deliver the best care. I’m very glad that I found them.

Andrea C.
Submitted 03/01/21
Dr. Garritano is a gem. I am so Blessed to have found her. She is the doctor I trust wholeheartedly. She actually cares, takes her time with me and teaches me – in simple terms – about my body and how to improve my health. She is the doctor I look forward to seeing every year. Dr. Garritano is the “Crème de la Crème!

Melissa C.
Submitted 02/11/21
My previous Doctor of 25 years retired and referred me to Dr. Garritano. I am very happy with this choice. She makes you feel so comfortable and has a great bedside manner.

Sarah G.
Submitted 02/02/21
Dr Garritano is always so kind and patient. Christina did my annual exam and was also a very thorough provider and easy to talk to.

Tanairy M.
Submitted 12/29/20
Dr. Garritano is one of the best doctors, I have ever encountered in my life!

Michelle R.
Submitted 12/18/20
Amazing provider !!!

Viviana P.
Submitted 12/15/20
Really good

Lauren M.
Submitted 12/07/20
I love my OBGYN!!! (And I’m pretty sure that most people can’t say that… unless they go to HER Wellness Center!!!

Maura K.
Submitted 12/01/20
Dr Garritano goes above and beyond. Not only is she a great doctor, she is a friend. She spends time talking and listening and offers great advice. She is THE BEST!!

Olivea R.
Submitted 11/16/20
Dr. Garritano and staff were warm and welcoming. I felt at ease and listened to during my visit. I’ve been looking for a GYN that I can connect with for awhile and happy to say that I finally have found the right one.

Sarah A.
Submitted 11/10/20
I cannot say enough about this wonderful doctor. She is a natural caregiver who is genuinely concerned about the whole health of her patients. Her advice is the thorough kind that comes from a deep understanding of medicine and a fierce desire to improve women’s lives. I’m so grateful to know Dr. Garritano is in my corner.

Katharine C.
Submitted 10/29/20
Dr. Kikelomo Otuyelu-Garritano is the BEST. She is professional and welcoming. Truly cares for her patients and is queer friendly. As long as I’m living in CT, I’m going to HER Wellness.

Catherine P.
Submitted 10/24/20
She is just a great doctor, always going the extra step to make sure I’m doing well

Laine S.
Submitted 07/30/20
Dr. Garritano is warm, welcoming, and incredibly knowledgeable. She’s seen me through two high-risk pregnancies and a cesarean birth of twins. I would not trust my health to anyone but her!

Amanda M.
Submitted 07/09/20
Dr. Garritano is amazing!!! I love her bedside manner and how smart she is. She doesn’t just listen, she also has lots of ideas and thinks outside the box of a typical OB/GYN. She is so smart, empathetic and helpful.

Portia A.
Submitted 06/25/20
I receive top rate care from the lovely staff and Doctor Garritano. I’m fortunate to have such excellence in health care. Telemedicine calls are as if I visited the office in person as Dr. Garritano is always very kind and caring, and professional and friendly. Office visits are on time (waiting time has been a minimal of 10 minutes, if that). AND scheduling is always prompt. Thank you, Dr. Garritano and staff for such wonderful care you’ve provided. It is truly appreciated.

Jaya D.
Submitted 06/23/20
I love Dr. Kikelomo and her staff. She is very caring and loving person but very knowledgeable as well. Very clean office and great experience. They take extra precautions. I would recommend her to all of my friends. Thank you so much Dr Kikelomo.

Deborah S.
Submitted 06/05/20
She’s the best, makes it as pleasant as possible.

Donna D.
Submitted 03/02/20
Everyone that works there is very friendly and easy to talk to…

Sherise M.
Submitted 02/13/20
Dr. Garritano is very warm and has a excellent bedside manner. She really listens to your concerns and questions. Best of all she doesn’t just glaze over things she explains them in a way you can understand and relate. She is the only gynecologist that has taken the time to truly listen to my concerns. This led to finally getting a proper diagnosis that I was unable to get at previous doctors.

Bridget T.
Submitted 01/30/20
Love everything about this practice. Everything!

Kim C.
Submitted 01/17/20
Absolutely amazing doctor. Dr Garritano is very passionate about her patients and her work. Her loving and caring personality make her patients comfortable

Elizabeth L.
Submitted 01/16/20
This was my first time with Dr. Kikelomo Otuyelu-Garritano, and I wish I found her years ago! I could see that she genuinely cared about me. She was not in a rush and took time to talk to me and answered all my questions. Her demeanor was kind and welcoming- which made me feel very at home. I will definitely continue to go there!

Nedjine M.
Submitted 12/16/19
I had an excellent experience. I was welcomed with warmth and care.

Yasmin C.
Submitted 12/10/19
Thorough examination, well informed on healthy life habits to stay healthy and fit.

Natasha L.
Submitted 11/25/19
Dr. Garritano provides a highly professional level of service with every visit – thorough examinations and excellent bedside manner. All of the staff in her office display a similar professional and caring nature.

Maura K.
Submitted 10/31/19
Dr G always takes time to listen and to hear what I am saying. She is the absolute best and I feel that she has my best interests at heart – always! Her staff is kind and attentive and her office is lovely. Thank you for taking such great care!!

Anuradha P.
Submitted 10/24/19
Dr. Otuyelu-Garritano is absolutely amazing!! She really takes the time to form rapport with you and listens! I also really appreciated her explaining everything. The staff is wonderful as well! Not a single bad thing to say about this practice. Highly recommend.

Rebecca S.
Submitted 10/21/19
It’s always so nice going to this office. Dr. Garritano really cares about her patients.

Daniela P.
Submitted 10/03/19
Dr. Garritano is the best! Warm, friendly, knowledgeable, thorough, and respectful.

Elena B.
Submitted 09/30/19
Dr. Garritano has the best bed side manner we have ever experienced! Office staff is pleasant and friendly. So happy we found her practice! No more searching for the right doctor — we have found perfection!

Dana T.
Submitted 09/20/19
Dr. Garritano and her staff were excellent, as always!

Jody D.
Submitted 09/19/19
Dr. Garritano and her staff were absolutely amazing. She takes her time and explains treatment in laymen’s terms. This is by far the best ob/gym office I have been to.

Lauren G.
Submitted 09/09/19
Excellent experience truly knowledgeable and caring.

Mellissa M.
Submitted 09/06/19
Dr. Otuyelu-Garritano is just wonderful. 6 weeks ago I had a successful VBAC. She delivered my daughter at Bridgeport Hospital and it was a great experience. I had Dr. Garritano and one main nurse assigned Brittnia, seemingly to just me – such a different experience than the one I had at a different area hospital 4 years ago to deliver my son. Even my husband noted how much “calmer” this experience was compared to 4 years ago when we had multiple different providers streaming in and out of the delivery room and we were moved from room to room. Dr. Garritano was there for the whole process, there was no change in shift. She guided me calmly through the process as I had never experienced it having had a c-section previously. During prenatal care Dr. Garritano studied my previous op report to accurately determine if I was a VBAC candidate. We had open discussions about what I wanted and did not want during delivery and she was not afraid to tell me her honest medical opinion, nor was I afraid to voice my wants, concerns, etc. It was definitely a partnership. I will be continuing my gyn care with Dr. Garritano and would highly recommend her as a knowledgeable and personable OBGYN.

Tahnisha R.
Submitted 09/05/19
Thorough review of test results and she explained things very clearly to me.

Angela C.
Submitted 08/29/19
Dr. Garritano is very personable and thorough. She is an A+ gynecologist.

Meghan D.
Submitted 08/29/19
I’ve had a great experience at all of my appointments.

Nathalie V.
Submitted 08/29/19

Calian R.
Submitted 08/18/19
The staff are very welcoming and friendly. They genuinely care about you and answer all questions you may have. I feel extremely comfortable here!

Jessica T.
Submitted 08/13/19
Dr. Garritano is amazing, she always makes me feel comfortable.

Molly J.
Submitted 08/12/19
Absolutely lovely!!! Always makes me feel welcomed and at home.

Alexandria K.
Submitted 08/08/19
She was very pleasant and informative.

Bridgitte E.
Submitted 07/25/19
Dr. Garritano is amazing!

Eleni P.
Submitted 07/15/19
I’ve loved Dr. Garritano since we first met. She’s extremely thorough and patient. She’s amazing! My entire family goes to her, you should too!

Lisa O.
Submitted 06/27/19
Dr Garritano is THE BEST. Love her.

Jenna C.
Submitted 06/20/19
Words cannot describe how amazing of a physician Dr. Garritano is! Hands-down the best MD I have seen in my life!

Jasmine H.
Submitted 06/20/19
It was a great experience. She made me feel Super comfortable!

Kristi T.
Submitted 06/08/19
Dr. Garritano always makes me feel like I’m a priority. I never feel rushed. She spends time listening to my concerns. She clearly explains everything so I can understand. I fully trust her with my care and my baby’s care.

Amanda B.
Submitted 05/23/19
Dr. Garritano is very knowledgeable, experienced, caring, and humble. She takes the time to speak with you and explain all scenarios. I am so grateful that I was recommended to see her.

Cleopatra C.
Submitted 05/14/19
The office was clean and welcoming. I didn’t have to wait a long period of time, I felt my time was respected. Dr. G and her staff are friendly and make you feel at ease.

Katherine M.
Submitted 05/13/19
I was impressed with the attention to detail and communication style. Very well run

Kimberly C.
Submitted 05/10/19
The staff is wonderful, caring, and attentive. Your visit is individualized to your needs and no judgements. Highly recommend

Rosa C.
Submitted 04/19/19
I am a first time patient of Dr. G. and I just gotta say that I Love Her! she’s great and super friendly.

Dana T.
Submitted 04/01/19
I only have positive things to say about this office! Dr. Garritano is empowering and informative. I have specific gynecological needs, and she is always able to address them in a caring manner.

Deborah S.
Submitted 03/26/19
She’s friendly and caring. Makes it go by quick and easy. I drove across the state for my appointments!

Heather R.
Submitted 03/06/19
I recently switched to Dr. G and to be honest was a little hesitant as I had been with my other OB for over 6 years. However, she has exceeded my expectations! She is thorough, listens and addresses any concerns I’ve had along the way. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Tracey O.
Submitted 03/01/19
Always the best care! Takes the extra time that dr’s rarely do anymore.

Naytasha J.
Submitted 01/25/19
Love, love, love Dr. G! Shes kind, caring, understanding, professional and full of knowledge. Always a pleasure!

Laura B.
Submitted 01/24/19
As a new patient, Dr.G was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommend!

Nicole K.
Submitted 01/24/19
I had my first appointment with Dr. Garritano and am extremely happy. I recently moved to CT and, after having terrible luck with gyno’s, did quite a bit of research before choosing Dr. G. She did not disappoint. She made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions clearly. She has a very uplifting and positive attitude that was nice to be around.

Helen R.
Submitted 01/17/19
Dr. Garritano is a great physician and a warm and caring individual. She takes her time and makes you feel special as a patient.

Shelly Ann J.
Submitted 01/04/19
Love Dr. Garritano! Made me feel so comfortable my very first visit. She was very informative and personable. I’m looking forward to starting this amazing journey in her care!

Kimberly C.
Submitted 12/30/18
Dr Garritano is the BEST DOCTOR I’ve ever had! I finally found her after she left another practice in Trumbull. The staff there wouldn’t give me any information. I feel so blessed to have found her again. She is caring and compassionate. She listens to your concerns and outlines treatment options that are expertly tailored to your individual needs. When she comes into the room and sits down you instantly feel like you’re with a friend (who just happens to be a brilliant doctor!) Dr. Garritano has a gift and her mission is to help people. She’s a wonderful person and I trust her with my health implicitly.

Luisana R.
Submitted 12/29/18
I have been a patient of Dr Garritano’s for 10 yrs. She’s an excellent provider. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Javon N.
Submitted 12/14/18
Everyone was great! They smiled, they were welcoming, they answered all questions. I am super excited to have chosen HER Wellness as my new OBGYN office!

Kaila B.
Submitted 12/13/18
I love Dr. Garritano! She has always been very helpful and informative. I’ve been going to Dr. Garritano since I was 16, when she moved location I continued to follow her. It was the best decision for her to open up her own practice, it was about time! I recommend everyone to see her, I always tell friends and family to go to her. Thank you Dr. Garritano!

Kristina G.
Submitted 11/29/18
Always amazing!

Darlene B.
Submitted 11/13/18
It’s always a pleasure. From the front desk staff, nursing care and Dr Garritano.

Karina A.
Submitted 11/10/18
I had a very pleasant experience with Dr. Otuyelu-Garritano. She has such a beautiful energy and a lively vibe to her. Very professional, and eased my mind during the visit.

Chelsea H.
Submitted 11/06/18
Her staff is kind and professional, and she is warm, highly competent, and so friendly! She sat with me and provided information that was helpful and easy to understand. She eased my first-time pregnancy concerns. I highly recommend her!

Karen H.
Submitted 10/30/18
Very kind and listens to what I need- very much appreciated

Renita C.
Submitted 10/30/18
I appreciate the compassionate and thourough care I receive from Dr. Garritano and her staff.

Nathalie V.
Submitted 10/25/18
Excellent ♥️

Bonnie S.
Submitted 10/23/18
She was wonderful, thoughtful and considerate. She really cares about women’s health.

Priscila S.
Submitted 10/23/18
After 13 years living in the US I finally found an OBGYN I love! She’s the best! Caring, loving, always there for me and willing to listen and respect my views and choices.

Marissa W.
Submitted 10/16/18
Awesome! Dr. Otuyelu-Garritano is amazing!!!!

Joanne M.
Submitted 10/15/18
Wonderful she always takes her time and is extremely knowledgable!

Michelle C.
Submitted 10/12/18
Dr. Garritano is the most down-to-earth doctor I have ever met. She is sweet, super genuine and extremely helpful. She treats you like an actual human and makes time to hear what’s going on in your life and health. It’s rare to find a dr. who isn’t pushing you out the door while you still have questions.

Jenna C.
Submitted 10/11/18
So happy I switched to Dr. Garritano! An amazing physician who really takes the time to listen and help you!

Valencia C.
Submitted 10/08/18
Dr.Garritano is very thorough,knowledgeable,and made me feel comfortable.

Cailey H.
Submitted 10/07/18
Everyone is so warm and friendly. I feel very taken care of and that I’m in good hands.

Elisa D.
Submitted 10/02/18
Dr. Garritano is by far the best doctor I’ve ever had. Not just her professionalism, knowledge and competence, but her bedside manner is above and beyond. She’s a truly kind and warm person, who communicates with you like a friend you’ve known forever. Of course I trust her expertise, but her personality and warmth is more than I could ask for in a doctor! And not to forget about her team–their welcoming and kindness never go unnoticed.

Marcela M.
Submitted 09/28/18
Dr.Garritano is the BEST ! Word can’t describe how much love I have for her. She is very compassionate and knows her patients in and out. There is no other doctor out there like her. Dr. Garritano’s staff is also very friendly and always great you very warmly. I recommend her to everyone!

Donna D.
Submitted 09/21/18
Yesterday was my first time at the office… everyone was warm and friendly… I was treated with a great deal of professionalism mixed with a smile . Dr. Kikelomo was sweet and thorough.. answered all my questions and then some .. I would highly recommend this practice.

Margaret P.
Submitted 09/17/18
Dr Garritano and her staff are always pleasant, thorough and complete professionals…I would recommend this office to everyone!

Eileen M.
Submitted 09/10/18
Professional, informative, and personal !! I would highly recommended !

Melissa M.
Submitted 09/04/18
The best doctor I could ever ask for.

Michelle R.
Submitted 08/30/18
Amazing !! Wonderful most amazing doctor. She makes me feel like I am part of her team not just a patient. She has the biggest heart and most amazing obgyn provider I ever had. I been with her since day one !!

Caleigh C.
Submitted 08/23/18
always a great experience. I even missed my appt. and they were so kind to squeeze me in!!

Latoya B.
Submitted 08/16/18
Always a comforting experience at this office Dr. Kikelomo Otuyelu-Garritano and her staff are very accommodating and take really good care of you. You are not made to feel like you’re just the next patient, they actually make you feel like you’re a part of their family.

Emily B.
Submitted 08/14/18
Dr. Garritano is more than a doctor. Just meeting and talking with her makes me feel better. She is the most caring, heartfelt, and professional doctor I have ever seen and I feel so well cared for mentally and physically. She takes the time to listen and offer not only advice but solutions. I would travel any distance to be in her care.

Francesca Y.
Submitted 08/14/18
Known Dr. G for 9years, same sweet self and an astute professional. Just handed a bunch ofor her cards out to prospective patients.

Tracey O.
Submitted 08/13/18
She is amazing… perfect combination of knowledgeable and nurturing.

Morgan O.
Submitted 08/10/18
Amazing I love her so much so sweet ! Highly recommended

Kisha H.
Submitted 08/09/18
Dr Garritano has been my doctor for over 9 years. She delivered my second baby and I wish she had delivered my first. She is always so warm and friendly from the time she enters the room until the time you walk out the door. She makes it feel like you are visiting with an old friend instead of a doctors appointment. I highly recommend her to everyone. Her office staff is great and the office is always clean and bright. I can’t say enough great things about her!!

Elizabeth T.
Submitted 07/30/18
Seeing Dr. Garritano is like visiting with an old friend. She provides the best clinical care available, taking the time to get the whole picture medically and treating you as an individual. She and her staff are warm and caring, providing a welcoming comforting environment for all patients and visitors.

Brooke Anne C.
Submitted 07/26/18
I love love love her!!!

Jill B.
Submitted 07/17/18
Struggling to find a doctor who was kind caring and truly vested in my personal well being. Dr G is it! She is warm and supportive. Couldn’t ask for anyone better. Highly recommend.

Susan O.
Submitted 07/16/18
This is the most welcoming practice I have ever been to. There is a sense of caring about the patient that is unrivaled.

Colleen C.
Submitted 07/12/18
The staff is very nice even when I was late for my second appointment thanks to traffic! Dr. Garritano was lovely as always :).

Petra W.
Submitted 07/06/18
It’s always a pleasure visiting with Dr Garritano I highly recommend her. I feel privileged to be able to have her as my doctor because she is an exceptional being !!!

Dawn P.
Submitted 07/02/18
Wonderful office and staff and Dr. Garritano is one of the warmest most genuine Doctor’s I have ever met with. I’d give more than 5 stars but that’s all this survey allows me to give! :-)))

Chelsey G.
Submitted 06/25/18
Amazing experience in a small, personal office.

Petra W.
Submitted 06/24/18
Dr Garritano always make time for her patients she is very warm and personable. She is truly great at what she does.

Christina T.
Submitted 06/24/18
Friendly, welcoming, and understanding.

Nino B.
Submitted 06/23/18
I am very happy to find Dr. Garritano. She is professional, kind, friendly and really cares about her patients!

India H.
Submitted 06/22/18
Dr. Garritano has a beautiful practice with a wonderful staff! Everyone is warm and welcoming allowing the environment to radiate positivity! Dr. Garritano has excellent bedside manner and takes her time to listen to your concerns and address them all, leaving you to feel reassured and confident about whatever you inquired about. The office is always clean, the staff is always patient and willing to help you with whatever you need and they use the most up-to-date technology. Once you become a patient there, you’ll know you’re in the right place and the right hands!!

Arta B.
Submitted 06/20/18
For women, finding an OBGYN is an important and deeply personal decision. Dr. Garritano is very personable and makes you feel like family. I am truly grateful for all of the support and care that dr. Garritano has provided, and would highly recommend Dr.Garritano. The entire staff is truly caring and knowledgeable. If I have any questions or issues, they are always responsive and reassuring. Issues with your insurance provider? They are there to help. Issues with your pharmacy? They take care of it. General scared mommy to be moments? They have your back. The moment you enter that office you feel welcomed with a big smile in everyone faces. I highly recomend Dr. Garritano. Thank you very much to dr. Garritano and staff.

Lauren M.
Submitted 06/18/18
Dr. Garritano is hands down the most incredible woman- I am so grateful to trust her with my overall health and wellness. Her love, respect and guidance through my pregnancies and beyond has meant the world to me. Her passion in her field is unmatched elsewhere!

Sabrina S.
Submitted 06/17/18
She is absolutely the best!!

Maybeline L.
Submitted 06/11/18
Dr Garritano is a warm compassionate and highly skilled OBGYN.

Tara M.
Submitted 06/07/18
Dr. Garritano and her team were so nice and welcoming. She was friendly, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. Thank you for a great and stressfree first visit!

Colleen C.
Submitted 06/07/18
Dr. Garritano and her team are wonderful every time I visit. Even when I had car trouble one appointment and was very late, they got me into their busy morning schedule. I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for kind, dedicated and friendly service.

Claudia R.
Submitted 06/07/18
I was so glad that Dr. Garritano opened a practice close to my office – she is such a great doctor. Always willing to listen and treats patients as friends. The staff is also friendly and welcoming. All great things as going to the doctor already comes with it’s own anxiety!

Tara C.
Submitted 06/06/18
Dr. Garritano is by far the most intelligent, compassionate and caring doctor you will find. She has a knack for making you feel comfortable in the most uncomfortable situations and genuinely listens and addresses any and all concerns or questions you may have. Her staff gets to know you just as well as she does, making a visit to her office, something you look forward to. It is so incredibly rare to find this in a health care provider these days, but that is exactly what makes her practice so special.

Janelle H.
Submitted 06/06/18
I love this practice. The receptionists are very friendly and welcoming. They always greet me with a smile and pleasant conversation. Jenna is fabulous as well. Dr. Garritano is absolutely wonderful!! She is so real and down to earth. Her demeanor with patients is what I truly love about her. She is so knowledgable and patient when you speak with her. I strongly recommend this practice to all my friends and family. I have been to several other practices and this is by far the best experience I’ve ever had. Love them!!